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Zwag Box subscribers will receive a mystery box filled with the kind of cool swag you would typically only find at a major convention!   Each box holds collectibles, exclusives and limited edition items from some of top brands representing each of the five "Pillars of Pop Culture!"

  • Movies & Television
  • Comics & Literature
  • Toys & Gadgets
  • Internet
  • Gaming & Video Games

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will my subscription be re-billed?

Re-billing will be on nearest middle of the month at the next term interval you selected from the anniversary of the first subscription box you received.  For instance, if your first subscription is in July, and you select month-to-month as your billing term, you will be billed on the middle of August.  If in the same example you had selected quarterly, your next billing will be in the middle of October.  And again if you had selected annual, you will be re-billed in the middle of July of the following year.

Are you sold out?

If we should ever sell out of a particular month to presell from, we will attempt to increase our stock.  In the unlikely event that we do run out, we will alert on the main page that the month selected is sold out.  You may at that time select to join for the next month's subscription box, of course.

What's in the box?!

Each month's box will consist of mystery items from the five pillars of pop culture: Movies & TV,  Comics & Literature, Video Games & Game, Internet, and Toys & Gadgets.  These items will consist of various collectibles, some exclusives, variants and other great pop culture items.  We will usually contain at least one comic book and one T-Shirt as part of the mix.